The Types Of Scars That Result From A Breast Lift

The breasts play a pivotal role in how a woman looks and they can also affect how a woman feels about herself. With so many images of women with the perfect body being splashed in the media, it is difficult for a lady not to feel weird if she does not have the ideal body. The breasts bring out the femininity of women but the problem is that they tend to lose shape with age.

This is because the connective tissue that offer support to the breasts tends to lose elasticity with time thus causing the breasts to sag. If you have gone through childbearing or you have lost weight, you are likely to have sagging breasts. A breast lift is used by cosmetic surgeons in Sydney to restore the shape of the breasts to make them look good once more.

How A Breast Lift Works

A breast lift is a surgical procedure that is used to raise the breasts by reshaping the breast tissue and getting rid of excess stretched skin. The nipples and areolas are also raised to a better position and an enlarged areola can be reduced to a normal size. A breast lift results in breasts which are firm, well positioned and that have a good projection thus giving them a desirable appearance.

A breast lift is recommended by surgeons in Sydney if your nipples point downwards and if they rest below the crease of the breast. The procedure is also needed if you have breasts that are not similar to one another in their shape. As long as you are comfortable with the size of your breasts, the lift will make them firmer and shapelier. In case you feel your breasts are too large or too small, a breast reduction or augmentation can be combined with the lift to give you the right size and shape of breasts.

Scarring During A Breast Lift

There are various breast lift techniques used in Sydney that will result in a scar on your breasts, and the type of scar varies depending on the incision that the surgeon will use. A benelli scar results when an incision is made around the areola and skin that is in the shape of a donut is removed. This incision is used when the breasts are to be lifted slightly and a breast implant can be inserted when this technique is used. The size of the areola can also be reduced using this technique.

A vertical scar results when an incision is made around the areola and down to the crease of the breast. This lift is suitable when excess skin needs to be removed and the breast is to be reshaped. Excess skin is removed on both sides of the vertical incision and the position of the nipple is raised.

The inverted T scar is made up of three scars –an incision is made around the areola, down to the crease of the breast and finally in the breast crease. This incision is used when the level of sagging is severe. The incision allows the surgeon to remove a large amount of sagging breast tissue and excess skin. This technique can be combined with a breast reduction. All the scars fade with time as long as you take good care of them.